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From colliding neutron stars to the completion of the Cassini mission, a look at 2017’s most important science stories.

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We take alook inside the woderful world of flies and maggots. Plus, fermenting, distillation and aging — test your spirit smarts in the SciFri Bourbon quiz.

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There is a lot we still do not know about matter, time, and the contents of the universe. That is both a challenge and a thrill for physicists. Plus, the health effects of a a busy urban road.

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From snowy owls to corn crakes, the annual Christmas Bird Count turns its gaze toward all our feathered friends flying overhead during the winter migration. Plus, how some major investors are beginning to shift their money away from fossil fuels.

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More and more data is born into this world as digital bits, with no analog counterpart. How can we preserve it for future generations? Plus, we have electric vehicles. Their popularity is growing. Does this make green transportation inevitable?

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Researchers continue to chip away at the one thing we all have in common —getting older. Plus, in heavily populated regions, human influence on wildfires appears to override the effects of climate change. But when nature sets the rules, it is a different story.


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From Oliver Sacks to graphic novels, Maria Popova and Deborah Blum discuss their favorite science books of the year. Plus, a curated list of engaging science books for kids (and babies too).

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Record summer temperatures and dry, searing winds triggered a devastating California wildfire season. Plus, stressed narwhals, jellyfish eaters, the microbiome of the space station, and a look at electrical safety for the holidays.

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Nearly half of people living with HIV in the US live in the South. A look at the underlying causes and interventions to stop the spread of the disease. Plus, Neolithic women performed enough manual labor that they were likely stronger than modern athletes.

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The internet grew for decades without 2015s net neutrality rules. So what happens if the FCC repeals them? Plus, two graduate students have developed an online calculator to estimate the effects of the House tax plan. And the Yeti may just be a collection of bears.

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