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Scientists expand the gene editing functions of CRISPR, making it safer and more precise. Plus, an insect-like robot can take off using - and from under -water. And Kelly and Zach Weinersmith ponder the good and bad of emerging technologies.

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Caitlin Doughty traveled the world to document how different cultures deal with their dead. Now, she challenges us to develop a better relationship with mortality. Plus, two scientists want you to stop worrying and love spiders.

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Walter Isaacson discusses how Leonardo da Vinci combined the arts and sciences to create his masterworks. Plus, astronomers talk about the impact of an ancient neutron star collision.

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A look at the potential health hazards of the smoke and debris from Califonia wildfires. Plus, a new book explains how hidden influences affect our behavior and feelings towards others. And a look at the science of Blade Runner 2049.

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Jane Goodall reflects on her life, and A.I. researchers decode baby talk.

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From other planets to our own future, writers can take us places we’ve never seen. Authors Cory Doctorow, N.K. Jemisin, and Annalee Newitz are among them. Plus, a recent meeting of the National Space Council signalled a shift of U.S. goals in space.

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The ABCs of altcoins, blockchains and cryptocurrency. Plus, one of the largest animals in the world is making a return to New York harbor.

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Some 75,000 wild horses roam the sagebrush-lined slopes and basins of the American West—and the government can not figure out what to do with them. Plus, what genetic advances are telling us about Neanderthal DNA.

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